What Our Customers Say About Us

I’m a very picky eater. So when my son mentioned he had heard of a new food delivery service to try, I was quite skeptical. I figured they’d try to send me whatever they made and that would be that. But it was quite the opposite. When I placed my order I was able to let them know what my likes & dislikes were with no problem! Now I get my meals the way I want them! I would recommend Martha’s to anyone!

--Helen, Irvine, CA

My daughter didn’t like the way I was eating. I would just do what was “easy”. When you get to be my age who wants to cook and grocery shop all the time? So she ordered Martha’s Senior Gourmet to delivery dinner to me 3 days a week. I was less than thrilled. I gave it a try like I promised I would all with the knowledge that after the first week I would cancel. It turns out the food was pretty darn good. It’s been 6 months now and I’m really enjoying it.

--Beverly, Los Angeles, CA

Food is great. Service is great. I love Martha’s!

--Barbara, Torrance, CA

My wife is a renal patient and we have very few options when it comes to finding a place that can cater to her needs. Martha’s saved us!

--Todd, Seal Beach, CA

I’m a diabetic that doesn’t like to cook. I was eating out a lot which was causing my numbers to go up. Two perks to having Martha’s deliver; my numbers are good AND the food is good too!

--Anthony, Covina CA

“Living out of the state means it’s hard to keep an eye on mom. Martha’s Monitoring kept us up to date on how she was doing. I can sleep better now. Thank you Martha’s.”

--Kate, New York, NY

"I had called Martha’s just to send some food to my parents for a few weeks while my mom was recuperating from her surgery. Turns out they loved it so much they decided to continue on. So glad I found Martha’s!

--John, Denver, CO

I couldn’t believe how many options I have with Martha’s and it’s all delicious! Thanks Martha’s!

--Alice, Laguna Woods, CA