Menus & Prices

We offer several meal plans. Each plan is available from 3-7 days a week and is based on a four week rotation. Lunch will rotate every two weeks. Prices are for a 28 days cycle.  Price List

Dinner Menu

Our dinner menu contains home-style meals we all enjoy. It comfort-food quality and familiarity brings memories of family dinners. We offer 28 classic dishes, all nutritionally balanced and deliciously prepared, accompanied by a fresh salad (fruit or vegetable). All our dishes are made daily from fresh ingredients and are low sodium. Click to see our complete dinner menu, lunch menu. In addition to the different menus we can adjust our meals to accommodate non-dairy, low K, pureed meals and other special dietary requirements.

Diabetic Menu

Our diabetic lunch and dinner menus are designed for those who need to control their calories and sugar intake. Our dietitian designed tasty, healthy, and diverse meals that will help control your sugar levels without compromising your taste buds. Click for our complete diabetic offering.

Renal Diet

Our renal-diabetic lunch and dinner menus are modified for those who need to control not just their calorie and sugar intake, but also their potassium levels.  Fresh, tasty and healthy solution to eating right.

Pureed Meals

Our Pureed Meals are made fresh daily. Meals are made with fresh ingredients and all the flavoring to ensure great nutritional value and taste.

Breakfast Menu

Add pastries from our breakfast menu for a complete offering. Pastries are baked fresh daily without preservatives using high quality ingredients. Choose three items for each delivery.

Dessert Menu 

Add a sweet complement to your meal from our dessert menu. Our traditional desserts are baked fresh daily without preservatives using high quality ingredients.   

Vegetarian Menu

We offer our meals for vegetarians. With a combination of specialty dishes and protein substitutes we are able to create a diverse and tasty selection. 

Lunch/Dinner Menu

Our lunch/dinner combination adds a delicious and nutritious lunch to dinner. We offer 14 different lunches rotating on a two week schedule. Our lunch/dinner menu is also available for diabetics and vegetarians. Our complete dinner menu, lunch menu

A vegetarian substitute is available for any meal. For dinner, we offer weekly specials that can be used as substitutes.

Delivery Service Price List (for 4 weeks of service)

Delivery 3 days/wk for 4
Delivery 4 days/wk for 4
Delivery 5 days/wk
for 4
Delivery 6 days/wk
for 4
Delivery 7 days/w
for 4
Single Prices
Dinner Meal Plan $259.00 $325.00 $380.00 $435.00 $495.00 
Dinner/Lunch $415.00 $505.00 $615.00 $710.00 $810.00 
Diabetic/Renal Dinner Plan $289.00 $360.00 $425.00 $485.00 $545.00 
$470.00 $555.00 $660.00 $750.00 $850.00 
5-Day Trial $99.00 Dinner $149.00 Lunch & Dinner
5-Day Trial for Couples
$179.00 Dinner
$269.00 Lunch & Dinner
Meal Card     (8 Meals) $189.00 Dinner  $284.00 Lunch & Dinner
Meal Card Diabetic/Renal  $209.00 Dinner  $315.00 Lunch & Dinner 
Breakfast Meal Card $80.00 (8 deliveries of 2-3 items each)
Dessert Meal Card $50.00 (for 10 deliveries) 
Couple Prices
Dinner Meal Plan $495.00 $630.00 $740.00 $850.00 $965.00 
Dinner/Lunch $810.00 $985.00 $1,195.00 $1,385.00 $1,580.00 
Diabetic/Renal Dinner Plan $555.00 $700.00 $830.00 $950.00 $1,065.00 
Diabetic/Renal Dinner/Lunch $920.00 $1,085.00 $1,285.00 $1,465.00 $1,655.00 

Onetime Setup Package of $45 includes: 2 custom stay-cool delivery bags, reusable ice packs
Vegetarian and Dairy-Free Meal Plans available, Saturday and Sunday meals will be delivered on Friday
We may apply a 15% surcharge for customization and $30 for early termination