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How Our Meal Delivery Service for Seniors Works

Freshly Cooked Meals. Nutritionally Balanced. Gourmet Meals Delivered with Care.

deliciously prepared mealOur experience working in the senior care field prompted us to launch Martha's Senior Gourmet. Food quality, meal preparation and senior nutrition are the number one concern of families, physicians, and other care providers. Many seniors don't want to cook anymore and turn to eating out, eating poorly, or often not eating at all. For some, cooking, shopping and deciding what to prepare and eat are becoming chores they try to avoid at a cost to their health. Martha's Senior Gourmet caters to senior meal delivery. Our variety of home-style meals is designed with senior dietary guidelines in mind, delivered daily by our trained delivery personnel and ensures seniors are eating properly. More so, our goal is to make sure they enjoy the food and the daily contact with our delivery person.

Nutritionally Balanced Meal Delivery for Seniors

Martha's delicious gourmet meals are balanced with the right proportion of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Meals are low sodium although our chefs ensure great flavor and taste. The generous portions are designed so proper nutritional balance is received with every offering. Every meal has 4-6 oz of protein, 3-5 oz of starch (mash, grilled or roasted potatoes, couscous, rice, or pasta) 2 oz of steamed, roasted, or grilled vegetable, and 8 oz of fresh vegetable or fresh fruit salad. Meals arrive in a microwavable container made of recycled materials, so they can be reheated if needed. Our delicious and nutritious meals are prepared fresh daily by our chefs in a local kitchen facility rated "A" by the health department.

Our Promise to You

We only use the freshest and finest ingredients for our Home-style meals. Our home delivered meals for Seniors are delicious and the portions are generous, always.

  • No institutional food. No canned veggies.
  • Little sodium. Plenty of home-style flavor. Fresh ingredients.
  • Always Fresh.  Never Frozen.

Variety of Meals and Daily Substitutions

We offer 28 different dinners and lunches on a four week rotation. View our menu to learn what we are serving each day. When no changes are made, you will receive the meal that is on the calendar. Think of it as a prix-fixe menu. If you prefer a different meal, for a specific day, you can substitute it with a vegetarian option, or with the weekly special alternative. This provides you with three different options for every meal we deliver.  In addition to the different menus we can adjust our meals to accommodate non-dairy, low K, pureed food and other special dietary requirements. Please call to inquire.

Lunch/Dinner Combination

For a wholesome experience, we paired our dinners with a lunch option. Here you will have 28 different offerings on a four week rotation. Made fresh daily using fresh ingredients, our sandwiches, wraps and salads provide a refreshing addition to our dinner menu; vegetarian options are also available.

Diabetic Diet

Our diabetic lunch and dinner menus are designed for those who need to control their calories and sugar intake. Our dietitian designed tasty, healthy and diverse diabetic meal plans that will help control your sugar levels without compromising your taste buds.

Renal Diet

Our renal lunch and dinner menus are modified for those who need to control their potassium levels and help their kidneys. Renal diet foods are fresh, tasty and healthy solutions to eating right.

Other Meal Plans to Match Your Needs

Renal Diabetic, Congestive Heart Failure/ultra low sodium (CHF), Gluten Sensitive, Vitamin K Restrictive, Dairy Free, and Vegetarian. In addition we can accommodate High Fiber, Low Residue, Diverticulitis, Pureed Food, and we have the ability to customize to your specific needs.

Mix and Match - Individual Meal Schedule 

You are able to arrange your own meal schedule by selecting individual meals to your liking. Please call our customer care representatives for assistance. 

Fresh Meal Delivery by Our Trained Delivery Team 

how it worksMeals are delivered in some communities on Monday and Thursday, between 8:30 – 4:00 PM. In other communities, meals are delivered on Tuesday and Friday. Some locations receive deliveries once a week. Please check with your local office regarding your delivery schedule. For example, if you are on the M, Thu schedule, we will deliver Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday's meals on Monday, Thursday’s and Friday’s and the weekend meals on Thursday. Our meals are fresh and will last up to five days in the refrigerator. Lunch/Dinner plans will be delivered by lunch time (traffic permitted). Meals come in an insulated bag with an ice pack to ensure freshness; please make sure you refrigerate upon receiving the bag. Martha's Team will pick up the bag and ice delivered the previous day on the next delivery day. In case a customer is not home, delivery bags will be left next to the front door (unless instructed differently) and it will be noted on the daily monitoring report if applicable. 

Our Delivery Personnel complete a training program, which helps them best serve our Senior Customers. In the training they learn about general customer care, senior needs and concerns, and other circumstances they may need to address. They learn to observe certain behaviors and to note them accordingly as part of our senior care services.

Holidays and Sunday Deliveries

Holiday scheduled meals delivered schedule will be communicated to customers prior to the holiday. Sunday meals will be delivered on Thursday or Friday.

Background Check

We pride ourselves on our excellent and trustworthy staff. All personnel are insured and have passed a thorough background, experience and criminal check.

Affordable Alternative to Cooking, Shopping and Eating Out

We offer flexible meal delivery service plans. For a complete price list please click here. Meals are prepaid for the plan you select and are billed every 28 days via credit card. For other payment options please call.  

Friendly and Customer Oriented Staff and A Certified Senior Advisor

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience any time you need us. To ensure information is at your fingertips, we support a state-of-the-art website with friendly interfaces to make it easy to answer all of your questions. Our Customer Care Staff is prepared to guide you through any process and to help solve concerns that may arise along the way. Live representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. An auto attendant is available after-hours. Additionally, our Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) is available to review questions arising from Martha's Monitoring™ reports.

No Long Term Commitment

Customers are not required to sign a long term commitment. Orders can be canceled by calling us directly. Please give us 72 hours notice. 

Trial Period - We offer a 5 day trial periods. Please call our friendly staff to set up. 

Meal Card - We offer a Meal Card with 8 deliveries to be used whenever you need.

Vacations and Suspended Service

If you are planning a vacation or you want to suspend service please let us know 72 hours in advance so we can defer the delivery – you can decide to donate your meal or you will receive a refund for the days you did not receive service.

Senior Meals Delivered - Start Service

All orders require a minimum of 72 hours. Your first delivery will be on the next available delivery schedule based on when your order was placed. 

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to your 100% satisfaction. Please let us know if there are issues with the food, delivery, or any other concern, we will make every effort to correct it and to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Giving Back To Our Communities

Sometimes we receive last minute cancellations due to unexpected circumstances, resulting in excess food. Waste is not our style. We have arranged to donate food to a local senior or non-profit organization in need. If you have a cause you want us to donate to, please let us know.

Martha's Senior Gourmet Meal Delivery Service