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The Renal Diet

A customer who is going through dialysis treatment approached us to see if we would adjust our menu to accommodate his renal diet. Since then, by limiting foods such as potatoes, tomatoes, avocado, beans (other than green or wax), citrus, bananas, processed cheese, and processed meat, we were able to help him feel better and to achieve normal readings on his latest medical tests.

Whether you are on dialysis or your kidneys start to fail, you can benefit from a healthy meal delivery service that offers a diet that will help with kidney function. Our kidneys work like a filter, helping the body excrete waste material such as sodium, potassium, phosphate and a dietary protein called urea. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, the body starts to accumulate waste material leading to complications such as fluid overload, high blood potassium, bone disease, and weight loss. A restrictive renal diet can lessen the accumulation and its effects.

Our team of dietitians and chefs helped us create a diet for renal patients. The renal diet limits foods that are rich in potassium, phosphate and sodium. We also limit the protein portion to help with urea levels. Our goal is to ensure that renal patients will receive the right diet, in a tasty form and with a variety that will continue to make eating enjoyable.  For families, our aim is to provide a renal diet solution, delivered fresh each day, eliminating the added stress involved in figuring out what to cook.

Martha’s Senior Gourmet is dedicated to providing a quality meal delivery service for seniors. We use fresh seasonal ingredients and prepare our meals daily. Restrictive diets, such as renal diets, don’t restrict the variety and quality of our food. Ordering our renal diabetic diet will make food and meal preparation an issue you no longer have to worry about.

We would love to discuss specific requirements with your dietitian. Give us a call to order or if you have a specific question.